Chekuri Chemicals

Chekuri Chemicals is an established manufacturing organization with proud history and a very strong goodwill in the industry. By 2007, Chekuri Chemicals became one of the largest producers in the world for a product in its portfolio.

About Chekuri Chemicals

Chekuri Chemicals commenced its manufacturing operations more than 30 years ago. Our uncompromised commitment to our customers over the decades has allowed us to earn the recognition of “most reliable supplier” by many of our customers worldwide. From very humble beginnings of manufacturing of Intermediates all chemicals, Chekuri Chemicals retained a dominant position in the market by expanding its operations to manufacture, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene and other Lubricants which were in demand for chemical market. Chekuri Chemicals hived-off the division in 2007 with a clear intent to focus on performance and specialty chemicals.

Product Focus:

Chekuri Chemicals is focused on manufacturing and selling of Lubricants and Specialty Chemicals. A multi-million dollars dedicated state of the art facility helps us serve our diversified customers across the world.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is a way of life at Chekuri Chemicals. All operations at Chekuri Chemicals are driven by quality systems focused on our customers at all times.

Chekuri Chemical’s philosophy –

Customers, Customer focus and Customer success are the primary drivers of our performance.

Research And Development

The in house Research & Development unit of Chekuri Chemicals is recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, This recognition confirms the research capabilities and innovative development being undertaken at the Research & Development level.

The main activities of Research & Development:
  • Literature survey
  • New product development
  • Process Improvements
  • Identifying substitute inputs to improve productivity
  • Collaborating with Multi National companies for Contract Research for development of process for new molecules
  • Chekuri Chemicals’s R & D core competence is in the development and commercialization of and Specialty chemicals and Intermediates especially in areas of :
    1. Catalysts and Photo initiators
    2. Pharma Intermediates
    3. Polymerics & Allylamines
  • R & D facilities over an area of 600 sq.m. with reaction capabilities from gram to kilogram level


Chekuri Chemicals have created state of the art facilities to produce a range of Performance and Specialty chemicals under the following categories:

Lab :

A well equipped lab is available with the following equipment to synthesize and supply samples in grams to meet customer requirements.

  • 8 Fume Hoods with all accessories
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • FTIR Spectrophotometer
  • Gas Chromatograph with auto sampler
  • HPLC – Low pressure gradient with PDA detector
  • Color Matching Equipment
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Melting point apparatus
  • HPLC – Low pressure gradient with PDA detector
  • Color Matching Equipment


Environment Chekuri Chemicals is committed to ‘ production without pollution.’ The corner stone of Chekuri Chemicals ’s decision before embarking or launching a product is the product’s environment friendliness and ecological sustainability. As a proof of its commitment, Chekuri Chemicals was instrumental in setting up the first ever combined wastewater treatment plant

In addition to discharging its obligations and commitments towards environment and adopting eco friendly processes, Chekuri Chemicals is proactive in discharging its social responsibility completely. There is a continuous interaction with civil society and residents of neighborhood colonies to bring about and improve the general awareness to all the surrounding public.

Regarding matters of safety, health and environment cleanliness, the inputs given by the neighbors and residents are reviewed periodically and several measures are adopted to improve its operations for the benefit of all concerned.

Health & Safety
  • Documented Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental policy is made available and recited by all employees prior to beginning of all shifts.
  • Periodic training to all employees and contractual work force on safety & occupational health..
  • Documented emergency preparedness plan is tested by conducting periodic mock drills.
  • Unbiased investigation of accidents and incidence. Investigations for identification and elimination of root cause carried out by technically competent personnel and external support taken whenever required.
  • Hazop study conducted prior to new product launch and prior to process change.
  • Fire hydrant system with 50 KL water storage.
  • Safety equipments provided at critical locations..
  • Usage of PPE is mandatory
  • All lab trials carried out inside fume hood.
  • Safe discharge of static charge.
  • Well equiped occupational health center available.
  • All employees undergo periodic medical check-up